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Structure of the Residential Dharma House

The Purpose:

In response to numerous requests from Dharma students the world over, Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche has established his vision of guidelines for Dharma Houses,  to be located wherever his students might live . This can be in the form of an "Eight Pillar" Dharma House (see , or in the form of a Residential Dharma House.

The purpose of a Residential Dharma House is to:

- create an residential Dharma environment for employed lay practitioners in an urban environment that is set aside from mundane life, in order to facilitate a lifestyle that is focused on personal practice and to provide each other mutual support.

- to provide a venue for the local Sangha to participate in group practices and be able to meet 

- to create a  central location for the access to Dharma resources

As this structure evolves and grows, the aspiration is to acquire a rural based property to create a Buddhist Study and Practice Center for lay practitioners. This property will be focused on providing the infrastructure and support needed for practitioners to undertake secluded and more intensive periods of personal practice. 

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