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Participating in Group Practice, and Contributing Time, Resources and Skill

Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche has established his vision for Dharma Houses under his direction, and provided the guidelines for their functioning. Rinpoche stated that the purpose of a Dharma House is to facilitate practice among the sangha, and that they are to be located wherever his students might live.


The Melbourne Residential Dharma House provides a dedicated shrine room for this group practice in Victoria, and provides a location for practitioners of the Chokling Tersar Tradition and the local Sangha of Dharma teachers from Ka-Nying Shedrub Ling Monastery (Boudha, Nepal) to practice, meet ,and coordinate activities.

If you are interested in practicing Dharma with practitioners from the same lineage and in the same Tibetan Buddhist tradition, then your participation is the most important contribution you can make. It affirms the need for creating and maintaining an Australian group practice venue in Melbourne and Victoria.  

By collectively combining our individual efforts, and using this window of opportunity provided by the Melbourne Dharma House to create  a venue for group practice, we can build towards our common goal. The outcome of what we create will depend directly on our collective participation, and the input of the individuals involved.

If you interested to participate in group dharma practice with practitioners from the same Lineage and

are able to contribute resources, skills, or provide any other positive participation, and are interested to work towards this common goal with like minded individuals please use these contact details


This process and its outcome will provide long term benefit for many, including those participating and contributing, and will succeed in building what is otherwise much harder to create individually.

Current resources and skills needed 

- Group Practice: Schedule Coordinator (days/times)

- Practice Manual/Documents Coordinator

- Small practice tables to place texts on during group sessions.

- A rural property in Victoria which can be developed as a rural retreat center for the Chokling Tersar Lineage  (just thought i'd mention this  :)

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