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The Residential Dharma House:

As instructed by Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche:


A Dharma House should be an environment dedicated to practicing the authentic Buddhist teachings and meditation practices, and to provide a mutually supportive environment for a genuine and open-minded gateway to the Buddha’s path  






Dharma House residents and practitioners should always be friendly, harmonious and cooperative with each other, and they should communicate with others in a honest, kind, patient, lighthearted, open and helpful manner. Everything should take place with dignity.

The core members should share all responsibilities, such as for household expenses and following the guidelines set forth by Rinpoche.

Those residing and attending should train in the Dharma by applying the Dharma Teachings,  adhering to Buddhist Conduct instructions, and be reminded to :

  • Come and go quietly

  • No intoxication on the premises 

  • No smoking

  • No engaging in idle gossip or loud meaningless chatter

  • Participants should, at all times, maintain a respectful demeanor

  • Act in a dignified manner 




Question: Do all the members* need to donate toward the upkeep of the House? (* members, residents, founders, visitors)

A: Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche:

  • We live in samsara, and so finances are an issue. We need to discuss these aspects carefully.

  • If somebody were to offer a hall (or house*) for free, then that would be very easy and very good.

  • Whenever there is a shortage of money, then the members and founders will need to share responsibilities, such as covering the rent, electricity and so forth.

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